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“Wavespell” Gabriel Welch



Holographic Embossed Edition

“Wavespell is a painting i started live at an STS9 festival in Belden Town, CA for a festival called, well, Wavespell. It began as big splashes of paint onto a large 5’ x 7’ foot canvas I stretched on site and then robotic forms and geometric orb like the sun emerged. It was originally very abstract and i hid in a lot of 9’s into the piece. After the festival i was driving down the coast line, mesmerized by the ocean, I would later on add a giant wave and beach scene into the piece after spending some time by the sea. Whenever I live paint i enjoy incorporating ideas i have on my drive to a festival and then later take in inspiration from everything around me and also ideas that come from my journeys afterwards. In the studio i find the peace and quiet to bring it all into a clear and cohesive vision and yet all the wild times and memories of music in the beginning brush strokes still remain. ” – Gabriel Welch

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12 X 16, 18 X 24, 9 X 12


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